We at Perun are fully aware of the recent, undeniable, and progressive deterioration of the training and certifying standards in the security industry. Contrary to the “pay to pass the course” ethos that sadly seems to have taken our industry by storm in recent times, we at Perun have developed a unique accrediting training system aimed at making sure only candidates with the appropriate set of skills be offered to our clients.


Accrediting training system

This process takes into consideration:

  • The experience of the instructors (only instructors with real experience in the taught field are accepted with focus on they military/law enforcement service).
  • Western standards of training and security approach.
  • High standards of teaching/mentoring.
  • The level of the facilities and equipment.
  • Qualification policy (only candidates who successfully pass all the modules within the final test qualify).
Competency Tests

Additionally to the strict internal training standards, together with our clients we develop a series of tests that the candidate needs to pass before he can be recruited. The tests cover all the necessary skills such as:

  • Physical condition.
  • Weapon handling and security standards.
  • Trauma treatment.
  • Relevant tactics.
  • Understanding and implementation of SOPs.
  • Communication.
Perun HRS approved Training Academies
  • Phalanx Security Academy (PSA).