Anti-Piracy Guards

Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) are utilised by Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) for the purpose of protecting commercial vessels transitingthrough the High Risk Areas (HRA). The guards need to possess solid armed security skills together with marine environment skills relevant to the uniqueness of their role.

PerunHRS offers its PMSC clients a wide range of solutions, such as recruitment, crew management, competency tests, and the “United Pool” service, thus giving our clients a real advantage on their competitors in a field where the optimal balance between quality and cost effectiveness of the human factor is paramount.


We will recruit for your company security operators/specialists according to your requirements and needs.

The recruiting process is conducted by Perun’s professional recruiting team, which consists of HR Manager, Training Manager, and Psychologist.

The recruiting process will comply with the international standards and your quality system and will include shortlisting criteria, Perun interview, vetting, psychological test, selection and client’s interview.

The recruiting process will be logged and documented.

Crew management

Our crew management encompasses a broad range of activities covering the recruitment, vetting, deployment, training, on-going management, and payroll of the security operators engaged on deployments, under full management or crew management contracts.

The dedicated Perun human resources manager representative allocated to each client allows him peace of mind with regards to the management of security operators, whilst concurrently cutting the financial costs involved with in-house HR department.

Competency Tests

Perun HRS offers its clients a unique service tailored around their specific HR needs and criteria.
The Competency Test is designed according to the client’s requirement and evolves around a series of key areas:

1. Weapon and other relevant equipment handling
2. Company’s SOPs.
3. Communication (Level of English and ability to interact with other team members and crew).
4. Physical fitness.

United Pool

We designed a unique human resources solution in order to help our PMSC clients to reduce the costs involved with transfers, accommodation, long waiting days on ports, and to equip them with the capability to take on a “fast ball” transit.

The pool consists of more than 150 PCASPs located throughout the HRA and ready to deploy on short notice. All candidates are coordinated through our 24/7/365-days-a-year Operations Centre.

The PCASP on the pool have all passed our strict recruiting, vetting, and training program and comply with the ISO28007:2015 and other industry standard requirements.

The PCASP’s training program comprises general SOPs together with a module specifically tailored around the client’s SOPs.

Each PCASP on the Pool is allocated a blank set of uniform with Velcro patches offering the option to bear the company logo upon request.